Oculus flat lenses for GoPro HD

Oculus flat lenses for GoPro HD

Oculus flat lenses for GoPro HD

Oculus flat lenses to replace the wide angle lens mounted originally on your GoPro HD (1080p) camera in order to have a perfectly clear image when shooting underwater.

Sold by 2 with stainless stell screws.

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Flat lens Oculus for GoPro HD Hero

The Oculus replacement flat lens has been designed for use with the GoPro HERO HD underwater case to correct blurry video quality as a result of the standard supplied domed lens. Constructed of thick high grade laminated optical plastics, the Oculus lens is an affordable solution to enhance picture quality of GoPro HERO HD underwater footage.
While the Oculus works best with R5 mode at 1080p it will work at lower resolutions but their wider FOV angles will catch the corners of the lens in the frame require cropping to be done with a video editing software. The Oculus lens is an easy swap over that requires no modification to the housing and has been rigorously tested and rated to up to 70 meters / 230 feet for over 60 minutes with no leaks, lens deformation or picture degradation.
Our stainless steel screws are also salt water proof. The picture with shark shows comparison screen captures from the standard lens quality to the Oculus quality.
Compatible with cameras HD Hero and HD Hero 2.

What's included

    * 2 units of Oculus lenses
    * stainless steel screws

Please have a look at the comparison footage on Youtube below:
Also an assembly instructional video below:

Note: Although our Oculus lens perform well in deeper simulated environments it is important to remember that the standard Gopro housing is only rated at 60 meters / 197 feet and is not recommended to be exceeded. While we make every effort to ensure Oculus lenses are 100% sealed we cannot guarantee against any damage from water leakage since this is an end user product assembly (much like GoPro's policy on their standard lens replacement). We can only insist that you follow Oculus assembly instructions carefully and test your housing without the camera inside (like any other dive equipment) prior to a real dive.

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