FAQ : Frequently asked questions on GoPro cameras

When will the GoPro Dive housing be released ?

We expect to receive the new GoPro housing for scuba-diving in April.

As soon as we have this product on our shelves, we will stop blur correction solution (not made by GoPro) except 2 products : the Blurfix adapter and the Oculus adapter because they allow you to use photographic filter which does not seem to be the case for the official GoPro solution.

Until this date, the other products will be sold until we are out of stock.


What type of O-Ring should I use with my 55mm filter for Blurfix adapter ?

Two different types of O-ring are provided in the Blurfix kit.

The thinest O-Ring can be used with the 55mm UV filter provided in the Blurfix kit.
If you don't manage to obtain a good watertightness with a 55mm filter whereas it is totally screwed inside the adapter, you have to use the biggest O-Ring.


What is the strength of Oculus flat lenses ?

The Oculus lens is perfect for high depth. The external window is 5mm thick and made in plastic. It has been tested in a pressure chamber and rated to up to 70 meters / 230 feet for over 60 minutes with no leaks, lens deformation or picture degradation.
Mounting : The Oculus lens replaces the black ring of your camera 1080p.

Our opinion:
Oculus lens is perfect for scuba diving and free diving.
For spearfishing, snorkeling and other aquatic sports, the blurfix adapter is preferable (more safety thanks to the double watertightness). For both lenses, we strongly recommend to follow mounting instructions and make a dive test (at the maximal depth you want to use your camera) with the housing only.


How complicated is it to mount Oculus lens on the GoPro housing ?

Mounting is very simple, you just have to pay attention to stop screwing when you feel a resistance in order to not overtighten.

Instructions on the following video:

Do not forget to make a dive test with the empty housing and the Oculus lens in order to verify that the lens has been correctly mounted.


What does "vigneting effect" mean ? What  resolution mode should I choose ?

Vigneting is apparition of shadow areas in the corner of the video.

On the video above (shot with a GoPro HD1 and Oculus lens), you can compare the effect on vigneting.
Only the mode R5 (1080p - 30 img/s) does not vignet at all with Oculus lens. Light shadow areas appear in the corners for other resolution modes.

 For GoPro HD2 cameras, vignetting appears in "Wide" mode (FOV = 170°). There is no vignetting in "Medium" (FOV =  127°) and "Narrow" (FOV = 90°) modes.

If you use a Blurfix adapter with UV filter provided by SRP, a slight vignetting may appear in wide mode. Nothing in the other ones.


How to update your GoPro HD Hero camera ?

Be careful : the following procedure is applicable only for GoPro HD Hero cameras (not HD2 and not 960) :

- Plug your GoPro camera to your computer with USB cable

- Download the firmware for GoPro HD camera: Firmware GoPro HD v01.01.54?

- Unzipp the file "firmware.bin" on your computer and do not modify it (not the name nor the extension)

- Upload the file on the root of your memory card (not inside DCIM or MISC folders)
- Unplug your camera, it will shut down

- Press on the up side button and do not release it until the end of the update procedure. 
  Press the Power button shortly (front face button), you camera will switch ON.
  Press the Power button shortly 3 times (you will hear 3 bips), you camera will display "UP" and the led will flash several times.
  Your GoPro will automatically shut down, you can now release the up side button.

- Plug your camera back on your computer and delete the file firmware.bin on your SD card.

It 's done !!! You GoPro HD Hero is up to date.


How to update your camera GoPro HD Hero 2 ?

Please click on the following link :