Tips and tricks for the best use of your GoPro camera

How to avoid fog inside the waterproof housing?

For the fog, you have several solutions:

You can buy the GoPro anti-fog inserts on our website or you can make your own insert by using silicagel bag. These siliagel bags are generally too thick and you cannot put it inside the housing. Just open the bag, remove some beads so you can insert it between the housing and the camera.

How to remove micro-scratches without changing your flat lens?

The easier way to make micro-stripes dissappear is to use tooth paste and a soft microfiber tissue ! Polish the lens by making circles with your finger inside the microfiber tissue.

You could be surprised by the result.

How to fix the blur problem when shooting underwater?

You need to use a blur correction solution. You will find on our website Oculus flat lenses and Snake River Prototyping adapters.

How to avoid bluish effect on your video down to 6-8 meters?

In order to put back the red colors on your pictures and videos, you need to use a coloured correction filter (red, orange or magenta). You will see a real difference on your videos when using it below 6 meters.

How to avoid framing problems ?

Of course the use of a LCD BacPac is the most convenient solution, but there are other solutions to help you to avoid to off-center on your videos.

The first one is to use Oculus flat lenses with top sight and side sight.

The second one is to mark your housing on the center of both side with an horizontal line in order to help you to find the correct inclination.

You can do the same thing on the top of your housing if necessary in order to help you to find the better angle.

In any case, it is easier to frame your videos when you have an handle or a telescopic monopod than to shoot with your camera directly in your hands.

And a lot of other advices upon request by email or by phone...