Correction filter for Oculus lens

Correction filter for Oculus lens

Correction filter for Oculus lens

Correction coloured filter for Oculus lenses (also compatible with 3D, top and side sight version)

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Correction filter for Oculus flat lenses

The color red only carries 15-20 feets underwater. At depths below this, reds disappear. The red correction filter puts the red spectrum back into your underwater videos.

It avoids to have a completely "blue atmosphere" on your videos shot under 20 feets.

  • Red and orange version are prefered for blue water.
  • Yellow version is used for deep dive in order to limit light absorption.
  • Magenta version is used for green water.
  • Polarizing filter is used in skydiving, skiing, sailing,... because it reduces light reflection (on water, on snow,...) and increase the intensity of the sky color.

All Oculus flat lens correction filters are removable and reusable.

What's included

    * 1 correction filter for Oculus flat lenses (red, orange, yellow, magenta or polarizing)


  • Extracteur de filtre correcteur pour lentille plate
    Correction filter e...

    This extractor will be very usefull in order to extract the coloured filters or polariszing filter from your flat lens without scratching it.

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